Shelburne Arts Center

54 Falls Road, Shelburne, Vt 05482 Tel: 802-985-3648

Saturday, April 24, 2010

10-Noon (these two classes are combined in this time block)

Make Your Own Knitting Needles

ages 7 and up, adults included

Using wooden dowels, wooden beads, sandpaper and indelible markers of several colors, we will create our own knitting needles that really work.  These make great gifts!

Make Your Own Felted Balls

ages 7 and up, adults included

Using washed, carded wool for cores, and washed, dyed, carded multi-colored wool for wrapping the outer layers, we will learn how to make felted balls using soap, water, and our hands to agitate the fibers.  Materials will be supplied.


Recycled Sweater Hats

Bring an old sweater and we will share with each other and create a hat from the old sweaters. 


Monday, and Tuesday,  April 26th, and 27th,  2010


Spinning on Wheels and Drop Spindles

Using materials Carol provides, students will learn how to spin their own wool yarns using two or three different types of washed, carded wool roving and a wooden spindle.  Extra roving may be purchased for at-home use. If you wish to purchase your own drop spindle it will be $10.00 additional.

12:30PM to 3PM;

Pizza Weaving

Using cardboard circular looms and yarns,  we will be creating a circular weaving which we can turn into a wall hanging, a table decoration, a hot mat.  With more work later, one can make a pillow, a hat, or a pocketbook.

The focus of my business is teaching.

I work with adults, children and families in individual and group classes, at my shop/school/studio.

Carol in her Studio

These are the classes I teach:

  • wool-washing
  • carding with hand and drum carders
  • spinning at spinning wheels
  • spinning using drop spindles
  • custom spinning of your fiber ( sheep, dog, llama, alpaca, etc.)
  • multi-color and multi-fiber blending
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • crocheting hats
  • making felted balls, soaps, pouches, hats
  • dyeing wool and skeins
  • circular weaving
  • making wooden knitting needles

An example of an earlier class I taught;

May 12th at The 2007 New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival

Sat. May 12, 9:30-12:00 (2 + 1/2 hr. class)
Hall Exhibit Building, #21

I welcome all ages and abilities to this class. We will spin on wheels and drop spindles. I will bring a few wheels and many spindles. Bring your own spindle and/or wheel if you have a favorite and are able. I will supply a fiber packet for each person who has pre-registered for the class, and the cost of that will be included in your class fee. A fiber packet is not guaranteed for those who register at the event. I encourage everyone to bring any kind of fiber that you have and any questions about spinning. Perhaps you think your yarn is over twisted, weak or breaks often. Perhaps you want more control over the diameter. I will do spinning demonstrations using fiber that individuals have questions about and fibers from the packet. I will happily give you advice about yarns which you bring to show me. I guarantee that you will go home with a lot more knowledge of and experience with spinning than when you came.

Carol Collins has been spinning since 1973. She founded The Valley Friendly Spinners (a guild) and her business called Singing Spindle Spinnery, in 1982. She has been teaching people from all over the country to spin for 25 years. Several of her fiber arts articles have been published in Spin Off magazine and in The Fiber Network. Carol’s shop/school/studio is in S. Duxbury, VT. website:

Fee: $30.00/person, includes materials and instruction. Pre-registration strongly encouraged. Walk-ins welcome as long as we have space. To pre-register or ask for more information, call Carol Collins, # 802-244-8025 or
email or write to: 701 VT Rte.100, S. Duxbury, VT 05660

2 Responses to “Classes”

  1. Marian White Says:

    How are you?
    I need a set of Howard hand cards and their site ways you’re a distributor!
    Also, I now operate Tunbridge Woolworks which is a scouring & carding operation if anyone asks you “where can I…?”
    (yup, left working for the state)
    what is circular weaving?

  2. Linda Fasci Says:

    I met you at the Farmer’s Market in Waitsfield. I am a transplant from MA, nurse working at CVH. I have a 3 lb chihuahua, named Sadier, who I am eager to outfit a woolen sweater for the winter. I know the basics of crocheting and knitting, but can’t read a pattern or figure out how to measure for sizing to save my life. When we had spoken you had said to contact you and you may be having classes in the Fall???
    Is that still a possibility??
    My home phone is 802-496-3766.
    My cell phone is 508-989-8259.
    Please cal and let me know. I work till 3am, in the ER, so anytime after 12p usually works for me , Thanks
    Take Care
    Happy FAll

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