Retail prices listed. Contact me if you are interested in the products which are available at wholesale.

Yarns and Knitting Needles;


I carry yarns from Bartlettyarns, Brown Sheep Co., Peace Fleece and Green Mtn. Spinnery. I am usually able to order what you need if I do not already have it in stock. I also have yarns for sale which I have designed and had spun for me by mills across the country. Three of my former spinning students are willing to spin custom jobs for me. If you have a fiber from your pet which you want to have spun, please contact me, and I will be happy to advise you, and can usually have it spun for you. The cost varies with the fiber. I do ask to receive a deposit before spinning a custom job.

I have a small collection of new wooden knitting needles from Peace Fleece. They are shown above and are $6.00 a pair. I also have a small selection of Inox circular needles for knitting hats. In stock I have sizes 8, 9, and 10 and they are $7.00 a pair. I also have crochet hooks, size H which is the size I recommend for worsted weight yarns. They are $2.25 each.

Custom Hats

Here’s a photo of Rachel and Ayla who recently ordered custom hats to fit them, exactly. They each chose their own colors. These hats are in the range of $45-$55. each. With ear flaps and tails for $65.00. I have an amazing collection of yarns, including some that I have blended,spun and or dyed. The fibers in these hats can contain wool, mohair, llama, alpaca, silk and more.

rachel-ayla-hats.jpgRachel and Ayla wearing my handmade hats

One Response to “Products”

  1. Stacie Says:

    I stopped by the Roadside Stand on 6/20 and checked, but you were not at home. I purchased a couple balls/batts of colored wool. There weren’t two that matched, but I’d love to get more that would match the two versions I purchased. Please email me.

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