Small felted balls $4.00
Great toys for all who love balls; Cats love them.

Felt-A-Ball Kits $3.75

Make your own felted balls.

Large Felted Soaps $12.00
(a washcloth, soap and cat toy all in one!) They make great hostess gifts.

Pizza Weaving Kits cardboard loom $15.00

Baltic Birch loom $25.00

Make your own circular weaving to create a wall hanging, a table decoration, a pillow, a pocketbook or a hat and more.

(Warped board, 4 balls of multi-colored yarns and instructions and brochure in each kit.)

Drop Spindle Kit $15.00

Teach yourself to spin. (Includes a drop spindle, a leader yarn, instructions and several buns of washed, carded natural colored wools and some multi-colored blended wools.)

Felt-A-Hat Kit $15.00

Make your own felted hat with this kit. Enough materials for one adult hat or two baby, or small child hats.

(Included instructions and a brochure and two large buns of natural colored washed, carded wool and two large buns of multicolored wools.)

Hand Crocheted Baby Booties $15.00 pr.

We have been making these for years and are very popular as baby gifts. Each pair is unique and made of many colors. The yarns are from many different places. Some are handspun or handdyed or handplyed by Carol Collins. Excellent for newborns, but all have room for the baby to grow.

Hand Crocheted Hats of Carol’s Design $45-$65.00

Carol uses her own hand-spun yarns as well as other special yarns. Sometimes it is possible for you to give suggestions about your favorite colors/sizes.

Carol’s Photo Cards of Sheep and Others $2.-$4.00 each depending upon size. Please see page of website devoted to card choices.


One Response to “Pricelist”

  1. Kathy Shambo Says:

    Carol – Hello! Long time no see/chat… I am now living in coastal northeast NC in the midst of many family farms – its very pretty. One of them has alpacas, so I’m hoping to get some fiber from them. In the meantime, I am out of fiber to spin! Moths got into the little bit o’ fleece I had left, so I’m looking for more. Let me know what you have that I might purchase – I’ll pay S&H, of course! I hope all is well w/ you!

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